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About The Company

Healthy Products Colorado was founded in 2007. The goal is to make more people aware of healthy choices in regards to foods, supplements, and remedies they can use for themselves and their pets. Over the course of 2008 the business has made a major shift to cater to responsible pet owners and provide excellent products and FREE pet nutrition advice for them.

We carry a variety of brands and pick simply the best, the products we use ourselves and recommend to family and friends. To do so, we research the market and go to trade shows to meet the people who make the products we like.

Stop by for:
- FREE product samples
- FREE nutrition consultation
- FREE muscle testing to determine what supplement/remedy is right for you or your pet.

Products we carry
We have natural remedies, herbs, homeopathy, Bach Flower Essences, supplements and more. For pet owners we sell best brands of pet foods available on the market. One of the brands we proudly carry is Orijen - canadian-made food from a family owned company. They use only locally available fresh ingredients and make the food within 24 hours after they are delivered to their plant. Ingredients are not frozen, preserved, or stored. Orijen has recently received the award by Glycemic Research Institute and been selected as the PET FOOD OF THE YEAR 2009-2011.

We have a major concern about the health and well being of majority of American pets. Commercial foods that are inappropriately fed to dogs and cats on a regular basis is the main reason pets become (sooner or later) sick or diseased. Independent natural pet food stores are a good place to start your research on what's best for your pet.
Read more HERE

Pet Foods We Carry
We carry some top of the line natural foods for dogs and cats:
- raw meat from local processing plants
- dry no-grain Orijen, Acana, Fromm, Nature's Logic, Go!, Now!, Addiction, Taste of the Wild, NutriSource, Lotus. Also other foods with grains but without corn, soy, wheat or any gluten, like Addiction, Fromm, Natural Planet Organics
- canned by Innova, Evanger's, Addiction, Tiki Dog and Cat, Artemis, Tripett, Taste of the Wild, Merrick, Party Animal (organic)

The Owner
The founder and the owner of Healthy Products Colorado is Natalia Foster, a science teacher by education and trade. She graduated from Moscow State Pedagogical University (Moscow, Russia) with a science degree in both Biology and Chemistry. In 2010 Natalia completed her Master of Science in Holistic Nutrition at Clayton College of Natural Health.

Natalia has received training in Bach Flower Remedies, Theta Healing, and Holistic Kinesiology (muscle testing). She also worked for an Oriental Medicine Doctor and has experience with Chinese herbs and remedies. Being born and raised in Russia, Natalia knows a lot about folk remedies and healing techniques that are effectively used in Russia to treat many health conditions.

Knowledge of anatomy and physiology of both humans and animals gives her a wider prospective while assessing the needs of her customers and their pets' needs. Quality education and personal experience are excellent tools she has to guide those who need advice.

Natalia has owned pets since she was 16 years of age when she got involved in showing and responsible hobby breeding cats and dogs.

Store address:
108 E.Cheyenne Rd., #100
Colorado Springs, CO 80906
Ph. 719-650-8481
Open: Tuesday - Friday 12-6 pm
Mondays and Saturdays - by appointment

Healthy Products