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Customers are saying...


"I really enjoy shopping at Healthy Products Colorado. The owner, Natalia Foster, it very knowledgeable and friendly. She helped my select the right type food for my dogs and cat that is healthy and appropriate for their dietary needs. All of my pets love the food. It feels great to feed my pets something that I know is good for them. Thanks Natalia for pointing me in the right direction !! I will be telling my friends and clients about this store !!" - Lindsay Carleton
Tranquility Pet Sitting and Dog Walking Service



"There is no doubt in my mind that Natalia cares very deeply for animals and their well being. She does regular research to make sure that what she carries is of the highest quality. I know that's what I'm getting when I buy from her.
Natalia also is very customer oriented. One time that my dog needed food, I couldn't get down there to pick it up. She made a little side trip for me and brought it to me just to help me out. It has been so nice doing business with her."
Irene Arndt, Colorado Springs, CO

"Thanks to Healthy Products Colorado my dog has the best food for her! Our dog Sasha was having so many accidents in the house that we were feeling as though we had no options left. Natalia was very informative and told me it was a food issue. When I tried the food she suggested I was amazed at how quickly and effectively my dog gained her health back and how much happier we all are."
Melissa L., Colorado Springs, CO

"We have used Healthy Products Colorado for about the last year. Natalia is great! We have one dog with cancer and the other with some unknown allergies. She has made great recommendations on food and treats for both. And for our little allergy guy, she has ordered special food for him on two instances. Definitely try them out!"
Denise K., Colorado Springs, CO

“We always buy high quality food from Natalia. She is extremely knowledgeable when it comes to pet food, and what is best for different dogs or cats. Her products are top of the line- stuff you will never find at a grocery store. We highly recommend her to anyone who has a pet!"
Dr. Wendy Whitlock, DC, Colorado Springs, CO

"Healthy Products is great! I get such wonderful attention to my needs and what I'm looking for (which is usually natural dog food). I get the most informed and up to date information about the natural dog foods that I know our dog is getting the best! We are blessed to have Healthy Products Colorado in our town."
green basilisk 14 - via Yahoo Local

"I trust Natalia. Her knowledge of nutrition is far greater than any of the vets I've worked with. She understands food combining (or what not to combine); supplements, Bach Flower Remedies; and raw food diets."
Amy Porter - Managing Editor, Terra Essentials - Guide to Holistic Living, via LinkedIn.com, July 9, 2010

"I'm a big supporter of small, local businesses and Healthy Products is a great place with quality products. My cat had been having horrible stomach issues for a while, but it got worse on his 6th birthday this year. After I stopped going to conventional vets and chose a holistic vet in Falcon, he gave me a list of places to go to to try and find better food for my cat. Natalia was very informative and helpful and reassured my want to go into the direction of raw feeding for my cat. My cat is doing much better now on his more species appropriate diet and I highly recommend Healthy Products to anyone!"
Kat on May 17, 2010 via MerchantCircle.com

"I am so glad I met Natalia. I have a cat who is allergic to chicken. That makes getting her proper nutrition very challenging. Natalia was able to advise me on the highest quality foods that were suitable for my special needs cat (and her sisters!) and offers them at a very competitive price. I strongly encourage anyone with a dog or cat with digestive issues to contact Natalia about the best food for their condition. Or even if you just want to guarantee their continued excellent health."
Pamela Potter,Colorado Springs, CO.
May 26, 2010 via LinkedIn.com

"I'm glad I stopped in to Healthy Products Colorado. I had passed it many times, but the need for better products led me to finally stop by.I have one Scottie who had serious skin issues.Natalia suggested a better dog food than I was getting at a local pet store.After a few weeks of being on this better food, my Scottie's skin condition improved.Most amazingly, her ear condition also improved. Her ears were producing a lot of dark wax, so much so, I had to clean them at least twice a day. I am now down to checking them every so often. Think of the money I will be saving on cotton swabs.Thanks, Natalia, for your knowledge and service."
Mary Simmons, Colorado Springs, CO.
August 20, 2010 via www.dexknows.com
A Heart for Animals Pet Sitting

"Finally a one-stop store where I can purchase high quality pet food without having to read every single label. I completely trust the owner in her choices of what she offers at the store. My dogs are very happy with the taste of the food and goodies that I bring home and I have peace of mind that they are getting the best nutrition that is available from a processed food :) I highly recommend this store to other pet parents!"
Etha, Colorado Springs, CO
March 25, 2011 via Google Maps


"Great sales staff and good products at good prices. The owner and sales staff at Healthy Products are friendly, informed and helpful. The product quality is excellent. My old husky 11yo+ has a better coat and is in much better health now. Store is clean, well stocked, and friendly staff help you find what you need. Excellent service."
Posted by ypalison1 on 02/16/2011, via YP.com


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